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6 thoughts on “planet track”

  1. Outstanding work! I love music and astronomy and just found your website thru

    Do you have an iPad app for this?

    Thank you for all of your hard work and research, this is such an interesting field.

    Cheers from Chicago,

    1. hi chuck,
      thanks for your ecouraging message! we don´t get a lot of feedback, …but we keep on going. it is a very big hobby, and it will be a lifetime project ;-) no, we don´t have an iPad app yet. we are working on a new cd (2015) with live recordings, with masako otha on piano amongst others. in the past we did a lot of “vitual recordings”. now i found some time to work on a score for musicians, a mix of both human and computer and visual arts would be great…let u know when the new cd is out. so long so short, cheers from munich, brian

  2. Incredible concept and design. My lifelong study of astrology has been deeply enhanced.

    Thank You!

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