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Music box – Planetary music 2020

A performance session in April 2020 happened in Munich. The year was about 5 ft. 3 inches of paper tape, punched and held by hand and played. All picked with our own hands and held together for some extraordinary piece of music and art. Some pictures, music and videos below.

Planetenmusik mit der Spieluhr – die Daten auf dem mit Hand gelochten Lochstreifenband

Planetenmusik mit der Spieluhr

Musikperformance 4.2020

Planeten-musik 21.03.2003 – 19.03.2004 Original Tempo

Planeten-musik 21.03.2003 – 19.03.2004  doppelte Geschwindigkeit mit Hall

Planetenmusik – music of the spheres (Audio-CD)

Audio-CD: Planetenmusik / music of the spheres is the cooperation of Brian Cranford, Tobias Krug and Hartmut Warm.



CD-review (click here)


In August 2001 Hartmut Warm published his book „Signature of spheres / Maintenance of order in the solar system“ which is dedicated to the analysis of texture of motion, layout and harmonic connection in our solar system.


In November 2002 Tobias Krug and Brian Cranford started the project „Akustik-Clock“. Here there is the artistic-scholarly debate with the interplanetary rhythms of the solar system.

2006 Brian Cranford established the label „Indiscreet Cosmos Recorder“ and in the same year he published the CD „Akustik-Clock / musical siderale“ a combination of conclusions up to this date.