Music of the planets

A  musical conversion of the planet’s movements in our solar system


Courtesy NASA

By means of two methods music of the planets is realised:

Hartmut Warm’s (Keplerstern-Verlag Hamburg) method rests upon the planets velocity. At an instant of time two planets in relation to each other result in a musical interval. Accordance by means of probability of calculation is highly significant.

Among this Hartmut has made astounding discoveries in his research. Details can be learned from his book „Signature of spheres“.

The other method according to „Akustik-Clock“ (a project of Tobias Krug and Brian Cranford) rests upon the angularity (issues) – meaning the correlation of two planets.  All Data is represented in a  geometric figure and the corresponding tone.

At certain instants of time two planets strike a chord on a virtual fictive string.

Both methods have one thing in common: They reproduce a certain space of time, interplanetary relations are chronologically severely condensed, that is they elapse in fast motion.

Time is music, planets are music, planet’s movements in time….. take much pleasure in listening to it !

CD incl. Porto

music of planetary movements