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“The International Year of Astronomy at the Hum Gym”
Schulprojekt Planetenmusik
• Class: 1D (new language specialization with focus on music)
• School year: 2008/2009
• Project management: Prof. Brigitte Lintner
• Subjects involved: geography, choral singing, computer science, mathematics, instrumental lessons
Calculate the solar system music: For each day of the selected time unit, the right ascension of all planets, the sun and the moon (Earth reference point) determined (www.ephemeriden.com); with the help of an Excel spreadsheet (Hours, minutes, seconds) converted into an angle (unit degrees). The calculations are done with a spreadsheet program; the students learn thereby working with tables and creating simple formulas.

Schulprojekt Planetenmusik


Flöten 1


Flöten 2

A Power Point is created

Schulprojekt Planetenmusik

Flöten 3


Orchester 1

Orchester 2

Schulprojekt Planetenmusik

Furthermore, the differences in angle of all 36 possible combinations are calculated. The angles 0 °, 36 °, 60 °, 90 °, 120 °, 144 °, 160 °, 180 ° and their opposite angles are assigned the following tones: cis, dis, e, fis, gis, ais, h cis ’’

Schulprojekt Planetenmusik

For each day (= 1 beat) there is either a pause (if no appropriate angle is determined) or one or more tones.
5 pieces are calculated (5 groups)
The pieces of music are recorded: Guitars piano Flutes Strings + piano Brass + percussion The groups give their piece a suitable title. The orchestral piece is recorded 16 different instruments.
A power point is created In German, students write spontaneous comments and later reports immediately after the recordings.
Astronomy Day on June 11, 2009 Foyer: Presentation of the PowerPoint “Solar System Music”
Grade: “Very good” for everyone! from Planet-musik.de :)
Thanks to everyone involved, you are the first to implement such a project together in a school! Prof. Novak, Prof. Waldner, Prof. Dalvai, Prof. Malsiner, Prof. Lintner, Prof. Weiss Silke
and all students!

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