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Akustik Clock Online Music Generator!

Welcome to „Planeten-musik“! This extraordinary project is a result of longtime work and friendship of Tobias Krug (Glas-artist, Multimedia-designer, Programmer) and Brian Cranford (Musician, Producer, Author). The Relationship of Planets (plus Sun and Moon) as perceived from Earth is transfered into Picture and Sound. For example when Sun and Moon are in opposite direction (180 degrees on the celestial circle) a tone is generated respectively this event is marked by a sound.

0 degrees is new moon, keynote/prime, 180 degrees the octave, and inbetween integer ratios/ polygons. geometry is music and vice versa.

.click this textlink to get to our online generator.


Have fun, choose different angles/polygons/notes and the planets. zodiac can be shown or not. The keynot in the current version is c sharp.

Feel free to contact us via the comment section below. We can produce and deliver special compositions and orders.



The relationship between Venus, Earth and the Sun

erdevenus Midi1
For each earth year (1.1.) a midi event, i.e. a tone, is set or played. Within 4 Earth years there are 5 Venus conjunctions, i.e. Venus is seen from Earth 5 times in line with the Sun. If you think of a large circle (ecliptic), Venus is at 0° with the Sun. The result is a polyrhythm of 5 to 4 or 4 to 5.


erdevenus Waves1

The same applies to 8 Earth years. Venus is once in line with the Sun when it is behind the Sun, and once when it is in front of the Sun (also known as Venus Transit). Then the polyrhythm results in 10 to 8 or 8 to 10.