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Music box – Planetary music 2020

A performance session in April 2020 happened in Munich. The year was about 5 ft. 3 inches of paper tape, punched and held by hand and played. All picked with our own hands and held together for some extraordinary piece of music and art. Some pictures, music and videos below.

Planetenmusik mit der Spieluhr – die Daten auf dem mit Hand gelochten Lochstreifenband

Planetenmusik mit der Spieluhr

Musikperformance 4.2020

Planeten-musik 21.03.2003 – 19.03.2004 Original Tempo

Planeten-musik 21.03.2003 – 19.03.2004  doppelte Geschwindigkeit mit Hall

Johannes Kepler – Extracts

Johannes Kepler – Extracts
Extract from the fourth book of his Harmonices mundi (1619): „…detached from it´s sense-perceptible media pure harmony is one and the same. For example, the type of harmony arising from the double proportion is again one and the same. If it occurs in notes it is termed the octave, in rays (note: thought lines between the heavenly bodies and the earth as the center and viewing point) it is termed opposition (note: 180° in a circle). In a musical sense it can be an upper or lower, a higher or deeper harmony. It could be a harmony of human voices or of notes generated by instruments. Likewise its occurance in meteorology is diverse; it can be an opposition of Saturn and Jupiter or of another pair of planets…“