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Part of the project series
“The International Year of Astronomy at the Hum Gym”
Schulprojekt Planetenmusik
• Class: 1D (new language specialization with focus on music)
• School year: 2008/2009
• Project management: Prof. Brigitte Lintner
• Subjects involved: geography, choral singing, computer science, mathematics, instrumental lessons
Calculate the solar system music: For each day of the selected time unit, the right ascension of all planets, the sun and the moon (Earth reference point) determined (; with the help of an Excel spreadsheet (Hours, minutes, seconds) converted into an angle (unit degrees). The calculations are done with a spreadsheet program; the students learn thereby working with tables and creating simple formulas.

Schulprojekt Planetenmusik


Flöten 1


Flöten 2

A Power Point is created

Schulprojekt Planetenmusik

Flöten 3


Orchester 1

Orchester 2

Schulprojekt Planetenmusik

Furthermore, the differences in angle of all 36 possible combinations are calculated. The angles 0 °, 36 °, 60 °, 90 °, 120 °, 144 °, 160 °, 180 ° and their opposite angles are assigned the following tones: cis, dis, e, fis, gis, ais, h cis ’’

Schulprojekt Planetenmusik

For each day (= 1 beat) there is either a pause (if no appropriate angle is determined) or one or more tones.
5 pieces are calculated (5 groups)
The pieces of music are recorded: Guitars piano Flutes Strings + piano Brass + percussion The groups give their piece a suitable title. The orchestral piece is recorded 16 different instruments.
A power point is created In German, students write spontaneous comments and later reports immediately after the recordings.
Astronomy Day on June 11, 2009 Foyer: Presentation of the PowerPoint “Solar System Music”
Grade: “Very good” for everyone! from :)
Thanks to everyone involved, you are the first to implement such a project together in a school! Prof. Novak, Prof. Waldner, Prof. Dalvai, Prof. Malsiner, Prof. Lintner, Prof. Weiss Silke
and all students!

Music box – Planetary music 2020

A performance session in April 2020 happened in Munich. The year was about 5 ft. 3 inches of paper tape, punched and held by hand and played. All picked with our own hands and held together for some extraordinary piece of music and art. Some pictures, music and videos below.

Planetenmusik mit der Spieluhr – die Daten auf dem mit Hand gelochten Lochstreifenband

Planetenmusik mit der Spieluhr

Musikperformance 4.2020

Planeten-musik 21.03.2003 – 19.03.2004 Original Tempo

Planeten-musik 21.03.2003 – 19.03.2004  doppelte Geschwindigkeit mit Hall